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We are a group of writers, producing short stories, novels, poetry, and plays. Writers Unblocked!

1.  We will be present at the Launch event on September 30, with a table to advertise the Sunday Nite Live event.  At our table,we will promote Writers Unblocked, which is our writing group,  and the Literary Competition which gives out awards in February during the Peachland HeArts Festival.  We may be able to do a presentation of one of our simple skits that night, or we could get up and invite people to write pieces for our literary competition, entitled “Being Canadian.” Also, to invite people to join our eclectic writing group. By that time, all the free tickets to SNL will have been given away.

2.  We will have an area at Dogwood Nursery on October 1, to do the same as in #1.

3.  On Sunday we will present  Sunday Nite Live from Downtown Peachland.  We will have about 15 people who are involved in the performances.



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  1. Judy Wyper says:

    Please add this webpage address. We use both this and the Wellness Centre one.

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