The Microcosm Snapshot of How

The microcosm and snapshot of how:

  • Each mall would ideally have a business liaison who would facilitate communications.
  • Businesses would sign up and indicate their interest to the mall liaison.
  • Each business would be assigned a cultural partner or would approach their own.
  • Partners can be of any creative discipline from textile to sculpture to painting to dance to music to culinary or any in between.   They can also be from sports, or other field.
  • Partners would contact the business to see how they see themselves participating and how the artist sees that themselves.
  • Partners can do presentations, instruction, demos, workshops whatever they can think of
  • Groups can hold meetings or info sessions
  • Space can be in the business or if possible in the parking lots.
  • Any equipment or easels or tents or such is the responsibility of the partners.
  • No equipment left overnight
  • No security will be provided
  • Insurance responsibility of partners and or business
  • Any sales would be through partner or business as they mutually agree and decide (see below)

For artists or other potential cultural sales:  There is no requirement for the partner to pay commission as rent for the space.  That’s not the idea about this weekend.  This weekend is a mutual benefit in that you are both working to increase traffic and engage the community.  It is expected that if the business actively helps to sell the work that they will receive a commission.  That’s what a commission is.   20% is the number the partner should consider especially if they process the sale for the partner.

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