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Rachel Layne – Musician

www.rachellayne.com Eighteen year old singer-songwriter Rachel Layne provides a refreshing musical perspective with her honest lyrics and natural talent. Already a four time emerging artist showcase participant during CCMA Music Week, her soulful music...

Westside Weekly Culture Days 0

Westside Weekly – August 24 2014

Westside Culture Days started out as a big dream between an artist, a business, and a museum. When Melissa Brown from Westbank Blenz talked to her property manager Bentall-Kennedy about what we were planning,...

Melissa Brown Westbank Blenz Culture Days 0

Starting up

  Melissa and I have been busy over the past few weeks, Melissa with all the merchants (there are now many of them thanks to her!), leaseholders, and me with the artists, DWK, WFN...