Locations for Westside Culture Days

Dear You,

As you know, we at SWAC have started the Westside Culture Days planning and we would like you and your ideas to be included. If you have an idea of what you would like to do, please go ahead and sign up here:

Artist/Creative Partners: http://bit.ly/2016Creative

Business Partners: http://bit.ly/2016Business

The earlier you sign up the better, as we have access to marketing materials which can be customized to your event, and are free to SWAC members. Non personalized marketing materials are free for everyone.

Note you do not have to be a SWAC member to participate!

2016 Westside Culture Days takes place September 30, October 1 and 2, and really celebrates our community, in all facets of life. We have some pretty incredible and fun activities planned already and we’d really like you to be a part of the action!


Julia Trops
SWAC /Westside Culture Days Chair

Confirmed locations are as follows, with the respective contact.  Once you have registered your interest with the location, please go to http://bit.ly/2016Creative and register with us.  Ensure you include information so that we may include you on media releases and event listings.  The more info the better! And photos! Don’t forget photos!

a. The Heritage: Jennifer LaRose
b. Peachland Arts Council: Deb Livingstone
c. Blenz & Westbank Shopping Centre: Melissa Brown
d. Sncewips Heritage Museum: Coralee Miller and Tracy Satin
e. Lions Hall& En’owkin Centre: Lauren Terbasket and Kailene Ramage
f. West Kelowna: Bob Kusch
g. Wine Country Studios: Louise Lambert
h. Artist Liaison: Sara Parsons
j. Westbank Library: Elena Doebele – note events will be Monday to Friday
k. Yacht Club: John Hudson
l. Westbank Museum: Paulina McChesney
m. Jonagold Park:  Louise Lambert
n. TD Bank: Westbank: Stacey Bachynsky
o. BluSaffron Bistro/Volcanic Winery:  Fiona Neal
p. Dogwood Nursery:  Arlene (Currie) Plumpton

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