Focus on the Westbank Museum – 2376 Dobbin Road

Visit the Westbank Museum during culture days.  On Saturday October 1st, 2016 we will have a variety of unique cultural activities happening throughout the day. The running of our forge with local blacksmith, Bruce Armon takes place. Watch Bruce as he melts down pieces of metal on an old forge and creates beautiful works of art. Bruce has been known to let spectators try it too!

Our local water colour guild will be painting and creating right before your eyes. What a treat to watch them create beautiful and colourful creations from dollops the of colour.

Local sawmill operators from Gorman Bros will be on site running the miniature sawmill. This is a special event you wont want to miss. We can only run the sawmill once or twice a year.

The museum will be open for tours all day, showcasing the history of Westbank and a special peek into our latest endeavor, the Fur Brigade Trail will be highlighted and on display.

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