Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does it cost to participate?  No.
  2. Will you tell me what to do?  No.  You will have complete control over where you go or who you work with.
  3. Do I have to participate all three days?  No.  You can join in for one day.  You can be at one business one day and another the next.  It is entirely between you and your partner(s).
  4. If I have my own Culture Days event on the Westside, can I still be included?  Yes!  This is an all encompassing venture.  There are no politics here, it is just about community and culture. No segregation, no boundaries.  If you want to be included, then invite yourself.  You will be welcomed.
  5. What should I do first?  Decide to participate.  Go talk to a business here on the Westside and see if they would be willing to work with you.  Or if you are a business, search your customers or family or friends to find a partner to work with that weekend.  See how you can work together.
  6. Then what?  Sign up using one of the links on this page.  Both partners need to sign up so the information can be submitted to the Canadian Culture Days website.
  7. Can I only have one partner?  No, you can have as many as you wish.  If you make the commitment though, please honour it.
  8. Okay I’m signed up.  My partner has signed up.  What do we do next?  Submit to info at WestsideCultureDays dot com any workshops, demonstrations, hours you will be at the business, anything you will be doing together.  Send your logo too.
  9. I want to be a sponsor.  How do I do that?  Either call Melissa at Blenz (250) 768-0230, or send an email to Julia at info *at* WestsideCultureDays.com.  Once details are confirmed, send your logo to Julia for the web.
  10. What about promotion? What’s the marketing plan? This is a community event.  Promote yourself, promote your partner and promote the overall event.  It would be really super if you would promote your neighbours too.  Everybody talking about everybody generates the excitement.  We will have signs for you to place in your window around mid September.
  11. Why am I signing an Insurance Waiver?  You are signing an insurance waiver so that the businesses, artists, landowners, leaseholders and organizers are protected and can not be sued for whatever reason.  We know that you are a responsible person, we are just covering both ours and your you know what.
  12. I’m an artist, can I sell my work?  That discussion will be between you and the business.  There is no expected requirement for you to pay commission as rent for the space.  That’s not the idea about this weekend.  This weekend is a mutual benefit in that you are both working to engage the public.  Increased traffic.  It is expected that if the business helps to sell your work that they will receive a commission for that.  That’s what a commission is, right?  20% is the number you should look at especially if they process the sale for you.
  13. What’s that about promotion again?  Promotion will be done via press releases, newsletters, blogs and social media.  It is suggested that you send a quote or such through the contact form on this website on WHY you want to participate.  You are welcome to write a paragraph or two or three highlighting your business or your group or your work and send it to this website.  It will be published.  Include any web links to your own website or to Facebook or to whatever you want.  There is no cost for this. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise, so talk up the weekend.  It’s going to be exciting right?
  14. Should I send you my logo?  Yes, send your logo so it can go on the Participants page.  If you are an artist send an image of an artwork you would like to have represent you.
  15. I still have questions.  What do I do?  Send an email through the contact form to Julia Trops or in person to Melissa Brown owner of the Westbank Blenz near City Furniture. .