2016 Westside Culture Days Planning has started!

Confirmed locations are as follows, with the respective contact:

a. The Heritage: Jennifer LaRose
b. Peachland Arts Council: Deb Livingstone
c. Blenz & Westbank Shopping Centre: Melissa Brown
d. Sncewips Heritage Museum: Coralee Miller and Tracy Satin
e. Lions Hall& En’owkin Centre: Lauren Terbasket and Kailene Ramage
f. West Kelowna: Bob Kusch
g. Wine Country Studios: Louise Lambert
h. Artist Liaison: Sara Parsons
i. Chair: Julia Trops
j. Westbank Library: Elena Doebele – note events will be Monday to Friday
k. Yacht Club: John Hudson
l. Westbank Museum: Paulina McChesney
m. Jonagold Park:  Louise Lambert
n. TD Bank: Westbank: Stacey Bachynsky
o. BluSaffron Bistro/Volcanic Winery:  Fiona Neal
p. Dogwood Nursery:  Arlene (Currie) Plumpton

Unconfirmed locations but hoping! :

Mad Hatter
Royal Bank – Westbank

For anyone wishing to get involved in Westside Culture Days this year, please connect with the liaison of one of these locations or groups!

If you are a location, and would like to be involved, contact Julia Trops at swacarts@gmail.com

Artists and Creatives, including groups, register at http://bit.ly/2016Creative and Businesses, register at http://bit.ly/2016Business.

Looking forward to this year!

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